Cycle Valued Investment Strategy

Securities tracked and recommended within this newsletter are designed for subscribers who are value investors and wish to use the combination of good company fundamentals along with the unique cycle timing created by your Editors The fundamental analysis provided in this advisory are those meeting the fundamental, research analysis and value investment criteria as determined by the Graham & Dodd book on Securities Analysis which is followed by many Portfolio and Mutual Fund Investment Managers including the famed Warren Buffet.

Cycle Model Strategy

The Cycle Valued Newsletter will use a "Dollar Cost Averaging" strategy in all recommended purchase positions. Since the portfolio represents issues with high consistent earnings, markets moving down should represent an opportunity to add to existing positions at discounted prices. On a weekly basis, we comment on the various columns assigned to each issue and evaluate the entry or exit points based on the cyclic confirmation buy, sell or hold recommendation of the investment model. The Investment Cycle represents our longer term cycle, whereas our Primary Cycle is a faster cycle which could anticipate changes within the longer term cycle. Our Early Warning Cycle usually anticipates changes in the Primary Cycle. Example: The best time to buy any stock that has been moving down is when it stops moving down. The first evidence that a stock has stopped moving down would be our Early Warning Cycle turning up, followed by an upturn in the Primary Cycle and the Investment Cycle. The first evidence of a stock, which has been moving up, and is about to move down would have the Early Warning Cycle moving down first followed by its Primary Cycle, then its Investment Cycle.